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Axel's story

Axel, a loveable Newfoundland x Rottweiler, first came to Broadland Thatchers by chance.


As a puppy, Axel found himself sadly needing to be re-homed. As fate would have it, Richard came upon the small bundle of black fluff just before being taken to the shelter. From that point on, the pair were inseparable. Axel became a very loyal and loving part of the team, spending his days sunning himself on rooftops and being smuggled the odd treat by clients and their families.


In 2018, at 13 years of age, Axel sadly passed away, but he was a very special part of Richard’s life, and always will be. He was a best friend, work colleague, and family member.


Shuck's story

Newest recruit, Shuck - a Labrador X Akita -  was welcomed into the Broadland Thatchers family in May 2019.


Shuck had some rather large paw-prints to fill after Axel, but he has taken the job in stride.


Shuck may have been named after the local legend of “Black Shuck” - an ominous, one-eyed black shaggy dog - but, luckily, the similarities end with the name. Shuck is a playful bundle of energy who has a lot of love (and licks) to give.


Like Axel before him, he also enjoys working alongside the team, and is certain to have a long career up on Norfolk's rooftops. 

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